3 ways a personal concierge can assist with managing your move

A personal concierge can assist someone who is moving in a variety of ways. While a concierge can help in more obvious ways, such as arranging for a moving company and hiring cleaners to prepare a property for its new owners, they can also perform other tasks you might not know about. Here are three ways that a personal concierge can assist someone who is moving.


A concierge can help with downsizing (or upsizing)


If a homeowner is moving into a smaller home (perhaps they are downsizing from a single family residence to a townhome or condo), they may need to sell, give away, or store some of their property. A concierge has contacts with storage facilities, consignment shops, moving sale planners, and charitable organizations that may offer tax deductions in exchange for donations.


A concierge can give each client multiple options from which to choose, and they can oversee the entire process from selecting and packaging items to transporting them to storage or a shop.


A concierge can help with household tasks during the move


Forgetting simple steps during the hectic moving process can be easy. A concierge can arrange for pet transportation and care until the animals are ready to go to their new home. An assistant can also help plan childcare so that a new homeowner does not have to worry about finding a babysitter or daycare center in their new neighborhood.


And then there are simple tasks such as changing things to reflect a new address, forwarding mail, canceling services at an old address, and getting internet, telephone, and television service for the new home. Concierge experts are often excellent at taking care of these “busy tasks” that take up so much time and can easily add to the stress level of moving.


A concierge provides peace of mind


A concierge can act as a trusted partner during a move. With so many things to think about, it can be easy to forget even the most basic tasks. Instead of rushing to deal with issues as they pop up, a family can rely on a service to not only organize the move but to also be “on call” to handle those unexpected, last minute issues when they occur.


A concierge can help people who are moving to a new home with “big picture” tasks such as arranging a moving service and with smaller jobs such as finding a storage facility, arranging childcare, and even locating a place to order food during the first night in a new home.